Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Episodes 1-99 of Reading Envy

My Podcast Episode list was getting pretty long so this is where 001-099 will live now.

Episode 001 - Episode the First!
Episode 002 - Return of the Euthanized Book with guest Bryan Alexander
Episode 003 - 3 of 5 Stars with guest Julie Davis
Episode 004 - Home, Frightening and Banned with guest Karen Acosta
Episode 005 - The Second Definition of Geek with guest Tamahome
Episode 006Bailey's Women's Prize 2014
Episode 007 - Top Secret Dance-Off with guest Seth Wilson
Episode 008 - Gone Rogue with guests Steve Richardson, Libby Young, and Mike Winiski
Episode 009 - Pirates and Noonday Demons
Episode 010 - YA Literature: Death and Mayhem with guests Alex and Carissa
Episode 011 - People of the Book with guest Bryan Alexander
Episode 012 - Some Bookers and Some Madness 
Episode 013 - The Secret Central Force with Josh Lawrence and terpkristin
Episode 014 - Flannery O'Connor With Zombies with guest Jason Roland
Episode 015 - The Time for Exclaiming Over Costumes with Jean and Karen
Episode 016 - Was That Mansplaining? with guest Jean
Episode 017 - Homeric Radiation at Lake Inverness with guest Luke Burrage
Episode 018 - Dystopia is my Religion 
Episode 019 - Dump Truck Poetry with many guest contributors!
Episode 020 - Goals! 
Episode 021 - Amoebic Borders with guest Darin Bradley
Episode 022 - Gods and Cannibals with guest Chris
Episode 023 - The Patron Saint of the Misfit Readers with guests Marco V. Morelli and Averi Dylan
Episode 024 - The Attention of Humanity with guests Seth Wilson and Barret Newman
Episode 025 - Mule and Plow with guest Jason Roland
Episode 026 - It Ended Well
Episode 027 - A Conference of Librarians with a bunch of guests
Episode 028 - The Room of Requirement with guest David Galloway
Episode 029 - Joni Tevis and the Secret Shape with guest Joni Tevis
Episode 030 - Bring Back the Guillotine! with guests Bryan Alexander and Steen Hansen
Episode 031 - Hideous Realism with guest Jesse Willis
Episode 032 - Her Smoke Rose Up Forever with Luke Burrage, crosspost with SFBRP podcast
Episode 033 - An Undulating Thrum with guests Ruth and Elizabeth
Episode 034 - The Liminal Space Between with guest Paul Weimer
Episode 035 - Speed Dating Books
Episode 036 - The Reader Sense of Ann VanderMeer with guest Ann VanderMeer
Episode 037 - Breakdancing to Bach with Juliane Kunzendorf
Episode 038 - Monica Byrne Wants to Make People (Want to) Scream with guest Monica Byrne
Episode 039 - Paranoid Squint with Fred
Episode 040 - Proustian Ratatouille with Thomas Maluck
Episode 041 - Grotesque Beauty with Nathan Ballingrud
Episode 042 - It Begins with Rain with Jason Roland
Episode 043 - Librarian Time Capsule for SCLA's 100th Anniversary
Episode 044 - Of Survival and Memory with Luke Burrage
Episode 045 - Worlds Collide with Ross O'Brien
Episode 046 - Books for Your Kitty Party (The Best of 2015) with Libby Young and many other guests
Episode 047 - Sex with Elvis: Bonus Book Speed Dating Episode
Episode 048 - Reading Goals 2016
Episode 049 - The Legendary Cheese with Holly and Caroline
Episode 050 - Open to Suggestion bonus episode
Episode 051 - Dreaming in Books with Karen
Episode 052 - The Man with the Eyebrows with Philip and Scott
Episode 053 - The Pool I Rarely Swim In with Luke Christie
Episode 054 - Retired Pirates with Jason Roland
Episode 055 - Too Late for an Autopsy with Julie Davis
Episode 056 - The Wall of Romance
Episode 057 - If Books were Roads with Steve Richardson 
Episode 058 - Wishing for a Sequel with Scott D. Danielson 
Episode 059 - Are you Inspired Yet? bonus book speed dating 
Episode 060 - A Good Era for Communists with Rose Davis 
Episode 061 - Never Do That to a Book with Elizabeth 
Episode 062 - Olfactory Stimuli with David Galloway 
Episode 063 - Desolation Road (book speed dating and books on grief) 
Episode 064 - Reading Down the Rabbit Hole with guest Tracy Landrith 
Episode 065 - Creeping through the Uncanny Valley with guest Bryan Alexander 
Episode 066 - When Time Stops with Karen 
Episode 067 - Rain and Readability with Ruth(iella) 
Episode 068 - Banned Books Week Minisode
Episode 069 - Evil Librarian/SFBRP Crossover Episode with Luke Burrage and Juliane Kunzendorf
Episode 070 - Words Like Weapons with Yanira Ramirez
Episode 071 - Bad Priest, Good Priest, No Priest with Scott
Episode 072 - Books Are My Bag with Sarah K
Episode 073 - Buried Under the Beets with Jason Roland
Episode 074 - The Books We Didn't Love in High School with Blaine DeSantis
Episode 075 - After the Year We've Had (Best of 2016)
Episode 076 - Borderlands (Reading Goals 2017)
Episode 077 - No One Messes With a Wolf with Shawn Mooney
Episode 078 - Small Towns in the Second Person with EA Mann
Episode 079 - Deliberately Silenced and Preferably Unheard with Rima Abunasser
Episode 080 - The Wild Things Helped with Jason Roland
Episode 081 - Reading Envy Readalong
Episode 082 - Reading Envy Envy with Scott Danielson 
Episode 083 - Slowing Down and Rereading with Julie Davis 
Episode 084 - A Worthy Tangent with Bryan Alexander 
Episode 085 - An Acquired Taste with Thomas Otto 
Episode 086 - The Queen of Bailing with Shawn Mooney 
Episode 087 - Going Native with Bookclub Social with Amanda and Grace 
Episode 088 - Author Head Space with Sara Moore 
Episode 089 - Hodge Podge with Jenny alone 
Episode 090 - Reading Envy Readalong: East of Eden with Ellie and Jeff 
Episode 091 - Watching Our Stories with Tracy Landrith 
Episode 092 - Reading Friends Sarah and Preston
Episode 093 - Spewing Science with Jeff Koeppen
Episode 094 - House Arrest with Libby Young
Episode 095 - Lose the Outside World with Lindy Pratch
Episode 096 - Not Without Hope with Yanira Ramirez
Episode 097 - Blank Spaces with Lauren Weinhold
Episode 098 - Just a Bunch of Stuff that Happened with Bryan Bibb
Episode 099 - Readalong: The Secret History

Episodes 100-199
Episodes 200+

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