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The Reading Envy podcast is where I talk about the books I've been reading and bring other readers on to do the same.

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Episodes 001-099
Episodes 100-199

Episode 200 - Reading Envy Turns 200
Episode 201 - Wrestling with Complexity with Elizabeth and Laurie
Episode 202 - Jacket Flap with Chris and Emily
Episode 203 - Backlist with Marion
Episode 204 - BookTube Season with Scott
Episode 205 - Life and Time with author Bryan Washington
Episode 206 - Black Sheep with Tina Porubsky
Episode 207 - Innocent and Ruthless with Tricia Deegan
Episode 208 - Thriving in Marginalia with Lauren Weinhold
Episode 209 - Best Reads of 2020
Episode 210 - Reading Goals 2021
Episode 211 - Rereads and Romance with Kim
Episode 212 - Subtly Fascinating with Vinny
Episode 213 - Funicular Reads with Bianca
Episode 214 - Extreme Hiking with Mina
Episode 215 - Lovely Pile with Lola
Episode 216 - Eloquent and Elegant with Kala
Episode 217 - Lesson Plan with Kim
Episode 218 - Reading Gaps with Kendra

Other Podcasts and Bookish Appearances
Book Cougars - Joint Readalong of Sapphira and the Slave Girl
Books on the Go - Ep. 121 - American Sunrise with Jenny Colvin 
Shelf Wear - Book 3 - The Only Good Indians
Sword and Laser guest host - Episode 408
Sword and Laser guest host - Episode 409 
Tournament of Books - Guest Commentary on Normal People vs. The Underground Railroad

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