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The Reading Envy podcast is where I talk about the books I've been reading and bring other readers on to do the same.

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Episodes 001-099

Episode 100 - 100 Reasons Why 
Episode 101 - A Different Kind of Time Travel with Karen Acosta 
Episode 102 - The Reading Women Reading Envy Crossover Episode 
Episode 103 - Duchess Potatoes with Carol Ann Ellison
Episode 104 - Uppity Lives and Jelly Melons with Jason Roland  
Episode 105 - Best Reads of 2017 
Episode 106 - Falling Asleep During Tarkovsky Films with Jon Laubinger 
Episode 107 - Reading Goals 2018 
Episode 108 - Venn Diagram with Yanira Ramirez 
Episode 109 - Stuxnet Pancakes with Scott Danielson
Episode 110 - The Accidental Love Episode with Casey Stepaniuk

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