Sunday, May 11, 2014

Library Books Mid-May Edition

I'm moving up my monthly library book post to a bit before the 15th, since the podcast's posting date will now take over that spot.

April was Poetry Month, so a big chunk of this stack has poetry to blame - four by Giovanni and two by Marjory Heath Wentworth.  These two poets are also from the south, Wentworth being the current SC Poet Laureate. 

The middle of May is the SC Book Festival, which I am planning to attend.  Both poets will be there, as well as Therese Anne Fowler (author of Z, which I really need to start this weekend!)

A bunch of these were read for obligations or challenges, as usual! A friend knows the author of In the Course of Human Events, so I read it despite it not being my usual thing.  Children in Reindeer Woods was a pick for my "The World's Literature" group in GoodReads, The Long Way Back is for the Middle East/North African Lit group in GoodReads, and The Last Policeman is for an upcoming podcast for SFF Audio.  I have loved Ben H. Winters in the past, so I'm really looking forward to that one!

Upcoming in the fall, Teju Cole will be at The Open Book in Columbia, SC.  I wasn't planning to read Every Day is for the Thief so soon, but it was on the new books cart pre-first-shelving at work and I couldn't resist.  It was so thin!  I could read it in a night! So I did.

The most interesting story is Crazy Love: Stories by Leslie What.  I had never head of the author but the title jumped out at me when pulling some poetry off a shelf nearby.  When I pulled it down, the cover proclaimed her as a Nebula Award winner.  A Nebula Award winner I'd never heard of?  I discuss this in our upcoming episode of the Reading Envy podcast.  

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