Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reading Envy 005: The Second Definition of Geek

For our 5th episode, we bring in our friend Tamahome, who has been on many podcasts with both Scott and Jenny over on SFF Audio.  Tamahome is very active over in GoodReads, but also manages to get mentioned on various science fiction podcasts.

This time, we will attempt to link to other topics and books mentioned, based on feedback from previous episodes.  We've heard you, and we're trying!  Keep the feedback coming. 

Tamahome brought a variety of books to talk about :

Other mentions during Tam's picks:
Zot: The Complete Black and White Collection 1987-1991 by Scott McCloud
The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg
WE3 by Grant Morrison

Jenny had a hard time deciding what to talk about, so she picked the last three books she'd read, including the book she finished the night of the podcast.

Other mentions during Jenny's picks:
Wired Magazine's 25th Anniversary Feature on Geek Love
Carnivále (show on HBO)
Freakshow (AMC reality show)

Scott traveled a lot in April but still managed to fit reading into his life.  His three picks for Episode 005 are as follows:

Other mentions during Scott's picks:

Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz
Dog On It by Spencer Quinn
Mary Robinette Kowal's blog post about her love for the Hugo Awards

Continued mentions, not so much linked to one specific thing:

The Hotel New Hampshire, 158-Pound Marriage by John Irving
The book Karen really meant? A Son of the Circus by John Irving
Nebula Awards
Hugo Awards

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  1. Another fine discussion!

    Thanks for the Geek Love reminder, Jenny. I've been meaning to read it for a while.
    Re: the limb-removal cult, that sounds like Bernard Wolfe's weird classic sf novel _Limbo_. And maybe a little bit of KW Jeter's once-notorious _Dr. Adder_.

    Kudos to Tamahome for mentioning _Understanding Comics_ - a terrific book. I've taught it a few times. Also, Zot is grand.
    Grant Morrison's book on comics is called _Supergod_. It's actually 1/2 comics, 1/2 autobiography.

  2. This podcast always gives me more to read!

    Thank you for the "Lady Astronaut" pick, Scott.
    "tesseract" is totally from _Wrinkle in Time_.

    For a Silverberg novel, I'd recommend _Nightwings_. Or, if you can handle more melancholy, _Dying Inside_.

    For that Leslie What story, is the word you're looking for "surrogate"?


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