Wednesday, August 17, 2011

James Joyce Playlist

I haven't posted on Ulysses for a few days.  I'm busy catching up on the commentary reading, to get back to where I'd left off in my listening, and I will go back to it once I have.

In the meantime, I decided to try out Spotify, the newest music sharing, listening, and discovery service to the United States (it has been popular in the UK for ages). I have become a big fan of cloud music, and have accounts in Rhapsody and Mog, so was curious about this one.

Then one of my colleagues posted a link to the Spotify Classical blog, which culls out classical content from Spotify and puts it into playlists. As I scanned through recent posts, I saw one on the Music from Works of James Joyce. I was almost as happy as when I listened to Haunted while reading House of Leaves. I love when there is a connection between books and music, probably because music is almost a more familiar language to me. Those connections make both elements more memorable. I will definitely listen to this playlist from time to time as I read Ulysses!

Disclaimer: I do not get paid anything by Spotify. In fact, in the strangeness of having a free account with them, my playlists keep getting interrupted by weird commercials for music way outside the genre of the music I'm listening to.

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