Friday, May 31, 2019

Review: The Bride Test

The Bride Test The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This romance novel was good timing for May during Asian and Pacific Islanders Month - the author note at the end explains that part of her inspiration for Esme comes from her mother's story as a Vietnamese refugee, and not knowing much about it because she worked all the time. The author also shares her own impulse to feature a white character but Esme demanded to be more central.

So this is a good example of what is happening in contemporary romance - one character with Autism (who has to teach his love interest how to touch him because he's very sensitive to light touches,) one character who is an immigrant (although the whole fairy godmother element is a bit far fetched to say the least), men teaching each other how to please a woman, etc. .
This is in the same universe as The Kiss Quotient (those characters even show up at one point) but you don't need to have read it to understand this one.

I received a copy of this from Berkley through netgalley - this book came out May 7 and I already saw the audiobook in hoopla.

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