Sunday, September 30, 2018

Review: Our Homesick Songs

Our Homesick Songs Our Homesick Songs by Emma Hooper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I requested this book after hearing about it in Litsy, not realizing it was longlisted for the Giller Prize, but always nice to accidentally read from a prize list!

Big Running, Newfoundland, has run out of fish, and the government is pushing people to leave, as they will no longer support the infrastructure. The Connors don't really want to leave - Martha and Aidan, the parents, are rotating traveling north for work to make enough money to live, while Finn and Cora, the children, are finding creative ways to stay. The story alternates between the story about Martha and Aidan's original romance and the "present day" which in the book is 1994, with the village staring down the reality of a depleted ocean.

In between is all kinds of magic, somehow making this the perfect book for me. Folk songs and lassie pies and meetcutes and just a lot of connectivity and coincidence, probably when I as a reader needed it most.

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