Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Books in November 2015

This was a light month for new books in, since I was busy getting books from libraries for my New Zealand November project.

I have two physical books that came in during November, both from publishers. One asked me first and one just sent it (with a nice note telling me about a reading the author is doing in my city; smart move!) - can you guess which is which?

A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe
The Shards of Heaven by Michael Livingston

A Borrowed Man is a near-future where AIs may be checked out from the library. The Shards of Heaven is an alternate history from the classic era (or more to the point, fantastical history.)
Apparently Michael Livingston is a South Carolina author, and I'd read Shadow & Claw by Gene Wolfe previously.

A few titles I bought on Kindle:

CyberStorm by Matthew Mather
The Gardener of Baghdad by Ahmad Ardalan
The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling) by Erika Johansen

All three of these were Kindle deals, $1.99 or under, and sometimes I snag those if I think I may eventually read them. I had previously purchased the first volume in the Tearling series, so this is the second. I keep hearing about them, hopefully can try them soon!

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