Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reading By the Numbers

2015 was a good year of reading! I already posted a podcast about my best reads of the year (and a few other people's) but I also like to keep track of some numbers.

Overall I read
Books: 244
Pages: 65,186

Last year I read almost exactly 50/50 male/female and this year my female author number is higher than 50. I think it's the first time I've read more women than men.
Male- 114 (47%)
Female -126 (52%)
Multi - 4 (1%)

I'm still reading primarily in print. I would say the majority of audio and eBook titles are actually review copies that I get from the publisher.
eBook - 59 (24%)
Audiobook - 29 (12%)
Print - 156 (64%)

And then these are some fun categories that I track throughout the year:

Alternate history 1
Around the USA 21
Around the World 56
Biography Memoir 22
Books on Books 6
Cold Weather Islands 5
Contemplative Pedagogy 5
Creative Non Fiction 7
Cults & Communes 3
Foodie 9
Graphic novels 9
Librarianship 14
Mighty Tomes 2
Music 3
Poetry 20
Post Apocalypse & Dystopia 12
Reread 9
Review Copy 63
Scifi-fantasy 26
Secret Agents and Detectives 7
Short Stories 19
Southern 7
Time Travel 2
Travel 4
World Lit (Oceania) 36 - read more about this list on my blog
YA 3

Award listings have made up a large chunk of my reading in the past, but this year with the hullabaloo of the Hugo I didn't do much reading for either the Nebula or the Hugo as I usually do. Still, I tracked it.
Pulitzer 1
National Book Award (USA) 14
Hugo 1 (not from this year!)
Nebula 1
Booker 5 (4 from this year)
Nobel 1

And I'm in a bunch of book clubs, so I keep track of that too.
Book club – Sword & Laser 2
Book club – Misfit Readers 3
Book club – League of Extraordinary Dorks 4
Book club – International Center of the Upstate 8

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