Sunday, November 22, 2015

Participate in the 2015 Wrap Up Episode

Last year, I asked for submissions for a Reading Envy Best of 2014 episode. Here I am again, asking for submissions for the best book you read in 2015. Your best read from 2015 does not have to have been published in 2015, just something you read since January 2015.

To be included in the end of the year podcast, please do one of the following by the 18th of December at 11:59 pm EST.

1. Submit an audio file that includes:
-Your name
-Your location (if you desire)
-Your best read from 2015 (does not have to be published in 2015, anything you read in 2015 counts) and anything you'd like to say about it

2. Schedule a time with me to have me record you in Skype, maybe you don't have a way to create your own audio file?

3. Email me or tweet me what you want me to read out on the podcast on your behalf.

Contact info:
email: readingenvy [at] gmail
twitter: @readingenvy

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