Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Little More Than Halfway Through Space Magic

Space Magic by Devid D. LevineStories read:
I Hold My Father's Paws
Fear of Widths
Circle of Compassion
Tk'tk'tk, all by David D. Levine

A very short post today - it's Superbowl Sunday, which is a holiday in my family equal to Thanksgiving. We're driving an hour to a friend's house where we'll eat food, drink a beer or two, and watch the commercials. And there's a football game on, I think.

I had hoped to finish David D. Levine's collection called Space Magic this week. Even though I'm enjoying it very much, I didn't get it done. But I did read 8 of them (including a re-read of the Hugo winning "Tk'tk'tk"), which puts me right back on pace. Twenty so far this year. Full review of Space Magic next week!

In the meantime, enjoy my favorite Superbowl commercial EVER:

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