Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reading Envy Halftime Report

Okay, okay, not really halftime, but I noticed that Scott has posted twice since I last posted!  Rather than post a single review, which always seems a bit redundant with GoodReads, I'm going to weigh in on a list I'm working through. I'm about halfway through reading the finalists for the 2013 Tournament of Books that the Morning News puts on in March.  I thought I'd offer my thoughts so far, and figure out what I still have left to read.  I'm copying the list with links directly from their site, but the reorganizing them into read and unread.

The 2013 Tournament of Books Finalists - Read (with reviews linked)

From the books I've read, I would say I enjoyed May We Be Forgiven and The Orphan Master's Son the most.  If Billy Lynn makes it on, I'd include it, much to my surprise.  My least favorite from what I've read is definitely the John Green, but it seems so very popular in book blogger land, so I'm happy to be in the minority there.

The 2013 Tournament of Books Finalists - Unread

To get my hands on Building Stories, I'd probably have to buy it, and I'm not sure I'll get a chance before March.  I have the Semple on hand, and will work on getting the rest.  I've heard the Flynn is great in audio, and I have just a few tracks of the Saunders' Tenth of December left before I'll be ready for another audiobook.  I'll purchase that next!

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