Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Beginnings: Arcadia

"The women in the river, singing. This is Bit's first memory...."

Book: Arcadia
Author: Lauren Groff

I know this book has been on my radar for quite some time; I can't remember which list it was on or how I first heard of it.  Then it was listed on the finalists for the 2013 Tournament of Books over on The Morning News, and I knew my library had a copy.  When I got to book-hate with my current books, I decided to take a break and check this one out for the weekend.  The cover is vivid and I know the first half is about a childhood in a commune, so I'm thinking it will be a welcome break from depressing snowy Turkey and depressing marshy Florida, the settings of the other two books I'm currently in the middle of.  

(By the way, I'm sure I'll get over the book-hate... sometimes I just get burned out.)  

I haven't started Arcadia other than opening it to read the first line, but now I wonder.  Who are the women, in the river, singing?  Is it a frequent event, if Bit remembers?  Who is Bit?  I'll report back!


  1. haha, book-hate.

    Bit is such an interesting name....were they born by/at/in the river? I hope its not a depressing river.

  2. sounds interesting and so does the cover.


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