Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reading Goals for End of 2012

I think I might be able to make 200 books by the end of the year, even if they're short ones.  It would be a lovely round large number that I can wrap my envious brain around!

According to GoodReads, I would only need to read 14 more books to make this happen.  That's roughly one a day, and I'm officially on vacation, which would hopefully translate into more reading time!

Here is what I'm thinking, and might go with a different set entirely:
  1. The Black Flower by Howard Bahr - I'm reading this already with the "On the Southern Literary Trail" group in GoodReads.
  2. The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe - Already reading, and this will count for my Around the World challenge.  I borrowed this from a friend and really need to give it back!
  3. Improving Your Storytelling by Doug Lipman - This is due back to the library on December 20, and can't be renewed since it is interlibrary loan.  I'm teaching a storytelling class in May and need to see if this might be useful as a text.
  4. Music Research: A Handbook by Laurie Sampsel - Now that the book is in its second edition, I need to get acquainted with it before the spring semester starts.  I'll need to update my syllabus if any changes were made.
  5. Birds of a Lesser Paradise: Stories by Megan Mayhew Bergman - I have a review copy of the audiobook, which will be a good one to listen to as I gallivant around in the next week or so.
  6. Rock Crystal by Adalbart Stifter - One of the briefer books I have on my shelf intended for the Around the World challenge.  I saved it for Christmas week, some relation to the plot.
  7. 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories - I snagged a copy of this from for one of the SFF Audio hosts (he lives in Canada and can't use the site) but I think I'm going to read it before sending it. Shhhhh. Most of the stories are 1-2 pages, so it should go very quickly!
  8. Ophelia and the Great Idea by Deborah Levy - After reading her Booker-nominated book, I snagged this from paperbackswap.  I thought reading more of her seemed like a good idea, maybe even a great one, har har.
  9. Infidel by Kameron Hurley - This is #2 of the Bel Dame Apocrypha series (trilogy may be a better word).  Loved God's War, and her publisher gave away books 1-2 when #3 came out in November.  Now I just need to figure out where I downloaded it.
  10. Deception by Philip Roth - I bet this will be a quick read. I got on a kick of acquiring Philip Roth books from but I can't remember what prompted me to do it! I guess I should find out and stop the madness.
  11. The Portable Virgin by Anne Enright - Another instance of getting more of an author after reading a book nominated for an award. The cover is fun and the stories don't look too intense.
  12. Little Tales of Misogyny by Patricia Highsmith - I may not have made it through the second Ripley book (er... yet....) but I've loved the short stories I've read by her so far.  The title of this collection is too compelling to resist!
  13. The Dervish by Frances Kazan - I need to read this before it expires in NetGalley, but it sounds like a compelling story of romance and political intrigue during the "dying days of the Ottoman Empire."  I'll count it for my Around the World challenge too!
  14. I'm leaving this open.  I have SO MANY BOOKS I could read, and I have a few I've been considering as 'rewards' for the around the world reading, but now that it will extend into another year at least, it is less at an end.

What is your goal by December 31? Share in the comments so I can salivate over what you are reading!


  1. good luck for your goals!
    i listed mine at the beg of December, at the end of this post:
    but I have received since some very good egalleys and audio books from publishers [see my currently reading and listening icons on my blog], so I may end up reading only 1 book from that list, the one on Lebanon!

    1. I just got a galley in the mail today, so that might become #14. I love being able to read books before they come out! I'm going to go check out your list.

  2. Sounds great. With only 8 days to go, I have so many to read.


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