Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review - The Numbers

I'm taking these numbers from GoodReads.  Rather than linking to each shelf, if you want to know the details, you can rummage through my various shelves and books on your own.

Books read total: 202 (around the same as 2011)
Pages read total: 53639 (6k less than 2011)

Books read by format (in this case, one eBook and audiobook were the same title):
Print (hardback/paperback): 145
eBook: 32
Audiobook: 26

Books read by genre:
(Many of these duplicate each other, but I track these categories.  Some like music and techie include both fiction and non-fiction.)
Around the World: 65
Biography/memoir: 11
Books on Books: 2
Cold Weather Islands: 7
Foodie: 5
Graphic novels and comics: 6
History: 1
Librarianship (and anything relating to work, really, so teaching too):7
Music: 4
Poetry: 14
Post-apocalyptic or dystopia: 12
Science fiction/ fantasy: 47
Short stories (individual or compilations): 25
Southern lit: 2
Techie: 8
Travel: 4
YA: 4

Books read for other reasons:
Award nominees: 46 (not sure I'll do this again, this was 25% of my reading!)
Book clubs: 20
SFF Audio Podcast: 8

I expect poetry and southern lit to go up considerably in 2013 because of various challenges I will be participating in, and I have been stockpiling poetry to read for National Poetry Month (April.)  I'd like to read more history, the others I don't really have goals for, I just like to see.  I'm happy that I'm reading about 25% science fiction and fantasy.

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  1. wow, impressive!
    here is my wrap-up, with pies and charts:


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