Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reading Envy 032: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

Jenny sits down with Luke Burrage at the Science Fiction Book Review Podcast Pub to discuss one short story collection. This is posted outside of the regular Reading Envy schedule as a bonus episode. And in tribute to Luke's posts, here is an attempt at a book selfie. (It is harder than it looks! I only succeeded in getting my fingers to look like they are going up the cover being's nose.) There is a link to Luke's regular podcast below.

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It all started with an SFF Audio Podcast Readalong that Luke, Scott, and I all participated in. Since then, Her Smoke Rose Up Forever has appeared twice on the Reading Envy Podcast - on the very first episode, where Scott discussed "The Screwfly Solution," and then again on Episode 002, because I had gone back and read the rest of the collection. Luke went back and read the rest of the stories more recently, and asked if I would discuss it with him on his podcast. I agreed and thought I'd crosspost the episode here as well. 

Sometimes, books follow you around for a while. Their words or ideas linger. You don't mind reading them again. James Tiptree, Jr (AKA Alice Sheldon) is simply one of those authors. Whether you come at her from a science fiction perspective or a feminism perspective, I think you will find something of interest. Please listen to our discussion for more on the stories in this collection.

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