Thursday, November 20, 2014

Contribute to our podcast!

We have had a fantastic year kicking off the Reading Envy podcast, and we hope you have been enjoying it.  We always welcome feedback, particularly the constructive kind - what do you like to hear the most in an episode? What have you thought about some of our experiments?

Jenny will be compiling an end of the year episode, but we need your contributions!  To participate, record a brief audio file (.mp3 is best) with:

1. Your name (or code name)
2. Your location (or not)
3. Your favorite book you read in 2014
4. Why was it your favorite?

Try to keep it under 5 minutes or Jenny will edit you severely!  These will be compiled into a podcast episode that will post at the end of the year.  We would love for you to be a part of it.

If you aren't a person who usually records, here are some ideas of what to use:
  • If you keep it under a minute, you can send a file from the built-in voice recorder/memo on iOS devices.  
  • DropVox is an app that interfaces with DropBox, and once you have recorded it uploads it, and from there you can send a link to a file.
  • Audacity is open source software that rivals other basic audio recording and editing programs.  If you find it too complicated to download the lame encoder that exports to MP3, you can send Jenny a WAV and she will do that part. 
  • GarageBand, dragged into iTunes, file converted to MP3.
We look forward to hearing from you!  Please e-mail submissions to readingenvy @ gmail dot com. Send by December 26 to ensure we receive the file in time!

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