Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bringing NaNoReadMo 2013 to a Close

It is just past midnight on December 1, so that means my National Novel Reading Month is over! I have 44 books listed on my NaNoReadMo shelf (where you will find my reviews of these titles), but not all of them are books I've finished reading. My original list for NaNoReadMo has been updated with the books I finished crossed off. I read the first 50 pages or so of even more books in my third round of speed dating.

But it is SO much more glorious to see a picture of a pile!  This shows everything I read cover to cover except Rivers by Michael Farris Smith (audiobook), Goslings by J.D. Beresford (audiobook), and Herland (eBook) (and the cookbooks I finished reviewing that I didn't bring upstairs.)

Not too shabby for a month!  I also got 2/3 of the way into The Brothers K by David James Duncan but won't finish it until my reading group does. 

Thanks to all of you who joined me for the month of reading more! Let me know in the comments what you read during NaNoReadMo, if you'd like. 


  1. Congrats, you read an impressive amount of books! I think I will have to join you next Nov if you do the same thing again...

    1. I'm planning to! I think I might offer more structure for people who need ideas, but I'll leave it open for however people want it to go as well.


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