Friday, November 25, 2011

The Great Dystopian Novel To Read List

Longer list alert!  This is the other half of the reading list mentioned in this post, originally compiled by Ross E. Lockhart.  These are the books I'm adding to my to-read list, because it is a silly goal of mine to have consumed all post-apocalyptic and dystopian titles.  Have any to add?  Any favorites to weigh in on?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Amis, Martin
Einstein’s Monsters  
Anderson, M. T.
Armstrong, Jon
Grey (et.seq.)
Asimov, Isaac
Pebble in the Sky
Auster, Paul
In the Country of Last Things  
Ballard, J. G.
Hello America
Barry, Max
Jennifer Government
Bates, Paul L.
Beaton, Alistair
A Planet for the President 
Beckett, Bernard
Böll, Heinrich
My Melancholy Face  
Boston, Bruce
The Guardener’s Tale
Boyd, John
Last Starship from Earth 
Brain, Marshall
Brooke, Keith
Brunner, John
The Jagged Orbit
The Sheep Look Up *
The Shockwave Rider  
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward
Vril: The Power of the Coming Race 
Burgess, Anthony
The Wanting Seed
Burroughs, William S.
Blade Runner, a Movie
(see also Nourse, Alan E.)

Carbonneau, Louis
Barrier World
Cobb, William
A Spring of Souls
Cohen, Stuart Archer
The Army of the Republic

Cowdrey, Albert E.
DeVita, James
The Silenced
DiChario, Nick
Valley of Day-Glo
Dick, Philip K.
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said  
The Man in the High Castle *  
Disch, Thomas
The Genocides
Farmer, Philip José
Riders of the Purple Wage
Ferrigno, Robert
Prayers for the Assassin (et.seq.)
Fischer, Tibor
The Collector Collector
Fukui, Isamu
Gray, Alasdair
Lanark: A Life in Four Books * 
Grimes, Tom
City of God
Hairston, Andrea
Hall, Sarah
Daughters of the North Harkaway, Nick
The Gone-Away World Harris, Robert
Harrison, Harry
Make Room! Make Room! * 
Herbert, Frank
Hellstrom’s Hive
Hubbard, L. Ron
Final Blackout
Huxley, Aldous
Ape and Essence
Johnston, Paul
The House of Dust
Keogh, Andrew
Keppel-Jones, Arthur M.
When Smuts Goes
Kerr, Philip
The Second Angel
King, Stephen
(writing as Richard Bachman) 

The Long Walk
The Running Man
Kuttner, Henry
The Iron Standard
Lamar, Jake
The Last Integrationist
Le Guin, Ursula K.
The Lathe of Heaven

Lerner, Lisa
Just Like Beauty
Levin, Ira
This Perfect Day
Lewis, Sinclair
It Can’t Happen Here *
London, Jack
The Iron Heel *
Lowry, Lois
The Giver
Lundwall, Sam J.
2018 A.D. or the King Kong Blues  
Mark, Jan
Useful Idiots
McCarthy, Wil
McIntosh, Will
Soft Apocalypse
McMullen, Sean
Eyes of the Calculor
Mellick III, Carlton
The Egg Man
War Slut
Miéville, China
Perdido Street Station

Moore, Alan
V for Vendetta
Morgan, Richard
Market Forces
Thirteen (AKA Black Man) Morrison, Toni
Nabokov, Vladimir
Invitation to a Beheading
Neiderman, Andrew
The Baby Squad
Nolan, William F. and George Clayton Johnson
Logan’s Run
Norden, Eric
The Ultimate Solution
Nourse, Alan E.
The Blade Runner
(See also Burroughs, William S.) 
O’Brien, Michael D.
Eclipse of the Sun
Oppegaard, David
The Suicide Collectors
Philbrick, Rodman
The Last Book in the Universe
Pohl, Frederick and C. M. Kornbluth — The Space Merchants
Pollack, Rachel
Unquenchable Fire
Powers, Tim
Dinner at Deviant’s Palace
Rand, Ayn
Reed, Kit
Robinson, Kim Stanley
The Gold Coast: Three Californias (Wild Shore Triptych) *
Rucker, Rudy
Russ, Joanna
And Chaos Died
Scalzi, John with Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Jay Lake, and Karl Schroeder 
Sharpe, Matthew
Shirley, John
Black Glass
Silva, Ulises
Silverberg, Robert
The World Inside
Singer, Lee
Slattery, Brian Francis
Liberation: Being the Adventures of the Slick Six After the Collapse of the United States of America *
Smith, Cordwainer
The Rediscovery of Man
Smith, L. Neil
The Probability Broach
Spinrad, Norman
The Iron Dream
The Fifth Sacred Thing  
Stevens-Arce, James
Takami, Koushun
Battle Royale
Tevis, Walter
Theroux, Marcel
Far North
Tomson, Rupert
Divided Kingdom
Turner, George
The Sea and Summer  
Turtledove, Harry
The Gladiator
Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.
Player Piano *
Walton, Jo
Waugh, Evelyn
Love Among the Ruins
Wells, H. G.
The Time Machine
When the Sleeper Wakes
Weyn, Suzanne
The Bar Code Tattoo (et.seq.) 
Williams, David J.
The Mirrored Heavens
Wilson, Robert Anton
The Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy  
Wilson, Robert Charles
Womack, Jack
Random Acts of Senseless Violence Wright, Ronald
A Scientific Romance
Zamyatin, Yevgeny
We *


  1. This isn't exactly my favorite SF subgenre (I'm something of an optimist when it comes to the future), so I haven't read a whole lot of these, but the ones I've read and enjoyed are listed here with some quick comments:

    The Shockwave Rider: The ending is a little weak, but it's pretty fantastic overall.

    V for Vendetta: Shocking and raw and subversive and antiestablishment. Would be interesting to see if 9/11 would color my re-reading of it.

    I've heard that Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said is one of PKD's best novels, and it's been on my short list of books to read for a while now. The Man in the High Castle is more an alt-history, but I suppose it's a very dystopian alt-history.

    Pebble in the Sky is one of Asimov's Galactic Empire books that take place between the Robot books and the Foundation series. I've read the former and the latter, but not the in-between books. Meant to.

    Ballard seems like an author I should like in theory, but I just don't know. Crash is my least favorite Cronenberg movie, which has (probably unfairly) kind of scared me away from reading Ballard.

    You can't go wrong with Frank Herbert, Le Guin, Vonnegut, and Nabokov. And what little I've read by Cordwainer Smith has impressed me.

    I'm surprised you haven't read Perdido Street Station. It was all the rage a few years ago. I almost read it recently in one of my many book clubs, but it didn't make the final cut, unfortunately. I've heard nothing but good things.

    I've been intrigued by The Schrödinger’s Cat Trilogy for decades (mainly for the title), but I haven't gotten around to reading them.

  2. You're a pretty committed dystopian reader. I'm trying to fit more into my reading repertoire in the next little while. My favorite so far? Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

  3. @Ed- Thanks for your list; I wil add them shortly. I really need to read V for many reasons. And would you believe that I've only read one book by Mieville?

    @Trish - I liked that one too. Pretty bleak.


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