Thursday, February 13, 2020

Reading Envy 180: Readalong Announcement

We have read some great books together over the last few years. For the first Reading Envy Readalong of 2020, we will be reading The Odyssey by Homer, as translated by Emily Wilson. I talk about it oh so briefly on this micro episode, and there are links and more information below. We commence February 16th! I will be doing a combo of reading the hardcover and listening to the audio.

Download or listen via this link: Reading Envy 180: Readalong Announcement.

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Book links:

The Odyssey by Homer, as translated by Emily Wilson (Hardcover)
The Odyssey by Homer, as translated by Emily Wilson (Paperback)
The Odyssey by Homer, as translated by Emily Wilson, narrated by Claire Danes (Audible)

Readalong links:

Reading Envy Readers (Goodreads Group)
Please use #readingenvyreadalong when you post about it in social media so I will catch it!

Readalong Schedule:

It looks like the (Emily Wilson translation at least) has 24 books plus a lengthy introduction. I'm a weirdo who saves intros for last so my schedule will reflect that.

February 9-15: Acquire book
February 16-22: Books 1-6
February 23-29: Books 7-12
March 1-7: Books 13-18
March 8-14: Books 19-24
March 15-21: Intro, maps, catch up
March 22-28: Readalong discussion (recorded for podcast episode, specific date TBD)

This looks like a lot of pages every week but what I've learned in previous readalongs is that momentum tends to be better with larger chunks for most readers. I have allowed for a catch-up week before our final discussion. Last year we had no group discussions and I really missed it, so we will definitely do that this time. It's not required but the more the merrier!

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