Friday, November 3, 2017

Review: The Voiceover Artist

The Voiceover Artist The Voiceover Artist by Dave Reidy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another book I only discovered after getting "Curbside Splendor" as my result in the Book Riot quiz, Which Indie Press Should You Be Obsessed With?" I had not heard of the publisher, and requested a bunch of interesting looking titles from interlibrary loan.

This book is a slow burn, and at first I read a bit and put it aside, but I slowly became completely wrapped up in the story. Simon has a stutter but dreams of working as a voiceover artist. The story starts with Simon as an adult but then goes back to his childhood, where a series of events lead him to quit speaking all together. The reader knows why eventually, but the reader does not necessarily get to see Simon get his voice back, which was a shame. The reason for this, though, is that the story is told through shifting perspectives, and not always from the central characters. So while these characters fill in pieces of the story, they don't always know everything. In the end I appreciated this incomplete picture because it seemed rather true to life. I also learned a lot about voiceover work! Who would have thought.

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