Sunday, October 1, 2017

Read in September: Books 234 - 256 of 2017

Pictured: 5-star reads for September 2017

234. Ember by Brock Adams *** (eARC from publisher through Edelweiss; my review)
235. Eat Only When You're Hungry by Lindsay Hunter **** (BOTM selection; my review)
236. Love Her Wild: Poems by Atticus ** (audioARC from publisher; my review)
237. The Glass Eye: A Memoir by Jeannie Vanasco **** (ARC from publisher; my review)
238. The Mountain by Paul Yoon **** (eARC from publisher through NetGalley; my review)
239. Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel ***** (library book; my review)
240. Sea Girl by Ethel Johnston Phelps **** (HOOPLA eBook through library; my review)
241. What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons *** (eARC from publisher through NetGalley; my review)
242. Solar Bones by Mike McCormack *** (eARC from publisher through Edelweiss; my review)
243. By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart **** (interlibrary loan; my review)
244. When I Grow Up I Want To Be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen ***** (library eBook; my review)
245. The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead *** (library eBook; my review)
246. Ties by Domenico Starnone **** (eBook; my review)
247. Second Person Singular by Sayed Kashua **** (personal copy; my review)
248. New People by Danzy Senna **** (eARC from publisher through Edelweiss; my review)
249. Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta **** (audioARC from publisher; my review)
250. The Secret History by Donna Tartt ***** (personal copy; my review)
251. After the People Lights Have Gone Off by Stephen Graham Jones ***** (interlibrary loan; my review)
252. We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson **** (personal copy audiobook; my review)
253. From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death by Caitlin Doughty **** (ARC from publisher; my review)
254. Dinner at the Center of the Earth by Nathan Englander **** (eARC from publisher; my review)
255. Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak *** (eARC from publisher through NetGalley; my review)
256. I Will Love You for the Rest of My Life: Breakup Stories by Michael Czyzniejewski **** (interlibrary loan; my review)

For the Man Booker Prize - McCormack, Whitehead.
For the National Book Award - Chen (also I bailed on the Jennifer Egan which is not represented in this list)
For the Newest Literary Fiction buddy reads - Hunter, Clemmons, Starnone
For the Reading Envy Readalong - Tartt

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