Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Library Books July 2015

I went to the leisure reading section of the academic library where I work, to check out a book I needed to read for my book club. Somehow more books followed me home. The story continues....

Guided Mindfulness Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series 2 by Jon Kabat-Zinn
The Folded Clock: A Diary by Heidi Julavits
Strange Bodies by Marcel Theroux
The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel
The Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer
The Love Bunglers by Jaime Hernández

The book I was looking for was The Cairo Affair, which will be the August read for my local book club. Somehow I ended up also picking up the Theroux, the Julavits (beautiful cover!), and the Hernández. These three I have read or discarded, but I have yet to read the Steinhauer. Isn't that always the way.

I had started reading an eBook version of the Manguel through one of the academic platforms we have access to. Except Yale University Press didn't include the images in the eBook version. Blank squares kept instructing me to consult the print edition, which seems to counter why you would ever just buy an eBook! I had to request the print from interlibrary loan (this explains the strange call number, which is neither LC nor Dewey) because the images seemed to be important to the text.

After attending a Contemplative Pedagogy workshop in June, I have been looking for more ways to meditate, etc. I spent my lunch hour Monday on the floor of one professor's office doing a body scan from one of the Kabat-Zinn CDs, so I checked the rest out from the library.

What have you brought home from the library lately?

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