Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vacation Reading

I work Monday and Tuesday next week, but I have already started to gather the important stack of vacation reading.  I started taste-testing the books tonight, which were picked largely by picking interesting sounding titles from the beginning of my to-read list.  I have one for work, two for baking research, and the rest for fun.

Top to bottom:

-Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse
-Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing: Stories
-The Kingdom of Ohio
-You've Got to Read This!
-The Gone-Away World
-The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood
-The Italian Baker
-The Food of Spain
-Embedded Librarians

I still have time to declare these books unreadable and to make another pile.  I definitely didn't mean to pick two post-apocalyptic books, especially considering that I'm still listening to Swan Song. 

What are YOU reading over the holidays?


  1. What a great stack of books!

    I have no idea yet what I'll be reading over the break, but maybe Santa will bring me some new books, you never know! :P

  2. I love it that other people also make giant stacks of vacation reading! I love The Italian Baker. Everything I ever made from it was sensational.

  3. @Sam - I have book-shaped gifts under the tree but decided not to peek.

    @Julie - Did you ever make the cassata? That looked incredibly different/interesting plus is Sicilian (and my Italy pick for 2012 is Sicilian stories)...


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