Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man Booker Prize Shortlist

According to the Guardian, the shortlisted novels for the Man Booker Prize are:

It figures that they'd select the book I disliked most.  It really does seem like the judges were heavy on adventure stories this year.  I'm not surprised to see The Sisters Brothers, because it seemed really different for the list, but Snowdrops does surprise me a bit.  I feel like anyone who has read a book translated from the Russian about post-Soviet Russia has read a similar book, without the expatriate angle.  Perhaps that was the appeal.

The two books on the list that I haven't read won't be available until after the Man Booker Prize is awarded in October.  It doesn't seem fair, but maybe I'll squeeze them in.


  1. I'm rooting for Pigeon English, I love that book.

  2. Half Blood Blues is available through amazon.ca (the author is Canadian) if you really wanted to read it before the prize is awarded. :)


  3. Rachel- I heard back from the publisher, and they were surprised to hear that Amazon had a date listed at all because they haven't acquired any American publishing rights. They have a bid in, but no official word. I didn't realize USA people could order from Amazon.ca... I'm wondering how much I care. I just can't believe I can't get it at all, and possibly never!


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