Reading Envy Recommends

Sometimes I will make posts or podcast episodes filled just with recommendations on a theme. I will try to gather them here, along with the date in case there are updates.

Books Set in Canada and Alaska (December 2018)
Books Set in Papua New Guinea (April 2015)
Reading Africa (December 2016)
Reading Oceania (December 2015)

Banned and Challenged Books (September 2016)
Book Subscription Plans (November 2017)
Book Subscription Plans 2.0 (December 2017)

Recommended Reads in Biography and Memoir: Childhood and Coming of Age (February 2017)
Recommended Reads in Biography and Memoir: Foodie (July 2017)
Recommended Reads in Memoir (April 2019)
Recommended Reads in Music (May 2019)
Recommended Reads in Poetry (April 2019)
Recommended Reads for Women in Translation Month (July 2018)

Summer Reading 2018
Summer Reading 2019 

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